Using Co-Production Intl. to establish your Mexico Manufacturing Operation


Why reinvent the wheel? Co-Production Intl. has done this for hundreds of companies and our expertise will virtually guarantee your success in Mexico!


Co-Production Intl. has the existing infrastructure to support your Mexico operation. You need not make additional investments in administrative personnel or outside services; Accountants, Human Resources, Customs, Logistics, Legal Services, EPA Specialists and supporting items such as office space, furniture, computers, phone/internet and software systems.


Co-Production Intl. develops your project plan and oversees the establishment of your production facility. With Co-Production Intl. you can be in production in as little as 60-days because we will eliminate the roadblocks.


What is the cost of Failures or Delays to your Company? Co-Production Intl. can virtually guarantee your successful start-up in Mexico.


Our existing business relationships allow us to get it done quickly and efficiently for you. Who do you call in Mexico for the following?

  • Utilities
  • Contractors
  • Union Delegates
  • US / MEX Customs
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Local, State, Federal Permits and Registrations Offices

Using a Shelter Company vs. Standalone
Download "Using a Shelter Company vs. Standalone" document in PDF format.
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With over 35-years of combined experience our management team has successfully established over 200 companies in Mexico. Today CPI manages over 1,500 workers for our 18 clients.

Read more about the success stories of top companies who are expanding their footprint while ensuring their competitive advantage.

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ico flag usaUS Corporate Office
Phone: +1(619) 429-4344
8716 Sherwood Terrace
San Diego, CA 92154 USA

mexico icoMexico Corporate Office
Phone: +1(855) 480-0837
Blvd. Corredor Tijuana-Rosarito 2000
15202 Int. Mt8, Zona Cerril General
Tijuana, BC 22330, Mexico


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