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CPI Your Ideal Partner in Mexico

Despite the rhetoric and relentless sound bites currently emanating from Washington, companies manufacturing products for the North American marketplace know that the border is an ideal location to expand their operations. Tijuana is at the heart of the Binational Mega-Region, encompassing Baja California, San Diego County and the Imperial Valley. This region is strategically located to supply the lucrative California market and with easy access to the Pacific Rim.

In Tijuana, Co-Production International (CPI) is your partner of choice. With a track record of over 40 years of success, CPI is the company you can trust to be your Mexico manufacturing partner. What differentiates our company is our professional staff. We go above and beyond what others offer to make sure you are at peace, knowing every detail is taken care of. CPI specializes in developing manufacturing solutions in Mexico, we are experts in our region. CPI will ensure your maquiladora operations in Mexico are expertly managed and comply with every aspect of the law.

We hear talk of the U.S. renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA. No matter what modifications are made, those working on both sides of the border know that the maquiladora industry is here to stay. It is a powerhouse that contributes enormously to the economies of the US, Canada and Mexico. When NAFTA was signed 24 years ago, many US companies were very concerned about losing jobs. However, we live in a globalized world and corporations seek to optimize their bottom line. Industry has gone around the globe to remain competitive. Manufacturing in Mexico has mostly been a net positive, keeping costs affordable and jobs in North America. As costs in the U.S. rose, many manufacturers opted for China, Bangladesh and other offshore locations. Now labor costs are rising even in China, with many of their locations closely matching Mexico’s labor costs, around $3 dollars an hour. The beauty of Mexico’s near-shore location is that it is our next -door neighbor. Tijuana is just 2 to 3 hours from the port of Long Beach. Ensenada offers another option to transport your goods.

Working with CPI, a Shelter company that is a leader in the northwest of Mexico, you can rest assured every detail will be taken care of. From visiting our offices in San Diego and Tijuana, to selecting an industrial building, reviewing contracts, working with HR to select the best personnel, every aspect of your manufacturing expansion into Mexico will be professionally managed.

After a thorough search of shelter companies in Mexico, ICON selected CPI because of their local expertise and cultural fit with ICON. CPI demonstrated they understood the keys to ICON’s success in Mexico and that they could execute quickly given ICON accelerated timeline. - Thomas Wieners, Vice President of Manufacturing for ICON Aircraft

Tijuana is well known as a leader in a number of industrial manufacturing sectors including aerospace, electronics, metal- mechanics and medical devices. There are more than 600 companies from 20 countries currently manufacturing in Tijuana. Companies such as Medtronic, Fisher and Paykel, Flextronics, and Toyota recognize that Tijuana is an ideal location to expand their manufacturing capabilities.

Let us show you how we have helped others. For information about the benefits of expanding in Tijuana and how CPI can help you efficiently and safely set up and manage your operation, please contact:
Denisse Martinez, | 1-855-480-0837

Baja manufacturing tours california co production mexicoWOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE MEXICO'S WORLD CLASS MANUFACTURING OPERATIONS IN ACTION?

Co-Production International offers insider industry tours to get you up close to Tijuana’s world-class manufacturing industries.


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