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Environment Compliance in Mexico

Environmental Compliance in Mexico

The modern world understands that environmental laws and regulations are in place to safeguard the environment, protect workers, and ensure manufactured products are safe for consumers. Just as in the United States and other major countries around the world, compliance with environmental health and safety laws is a big deal in Mexico. Each country has its own set of regulatory bodies, compliance best practices and, of course, fines for non-compliance.

If your company is considering expanding manufacturing operations into Mexico this can mean a steep learning curve in ensuring compliance and avoiding costly fines. To get an overview of what to expect, we’ve sat down with Ruben Reyna Contreras, EHS Coordinator for Co-Production International.

What Types of EHS Compliance Should You Expect while Manufacturing in Mexico?

If your company uses a Mexican shelter services firm, you should expect an EHS Coordinator as a part of your contract to help manage compliance while manufacturing in Mexico. Experts like CPI’s Ruben Reyna Contreras work directly with your company to develop working plans congruent with your internal quality and safety standards as well as environmental compliance while manufacturing in Mexico. EHS coordinators will advise and facilitate compliance with environmental standards, labor and workplace safety regulations, and hazardous waste transportation and disposal, amongst various other state and federal regulations. They will assist in implementing facility standard operating procedures, coordinate audits and inspections, as well as file mandatory reporting documents. Trust us, you don’t want to do this on your own.

Expect your facility and workplace practices to follow guidelines for:

  • Hazardous chemical disposal and transportation
  • A safe workplace for employees
  • Adherence to labor laws
  • Wastewater management
  • Air pollution and emissions
  • Soil use and conservation
  • Land use
  • Environmental impact of operations
  • Noise abatement
  • Sanitation
  • Sewage treatment

Is there a Mexican EPA and OSHA?

You bet! Just as the US has various regulatory bodies that govern environmental health and safety concerns, Mexico has equivalent agencies that function similarly. Let’s take a look at some of the major comparative agencies and their acronyms that you will often see while operating in Mexico. Remember, as with the US, there are federal Mexican agencies and state agencies involved in compliance where your facility is located. These are just a few.

US and Mexico Agency

How CPI Helps You Comply with EHS in Mexico

Ruben Reyna Contreras is CPI’s dedicated EHS Coordinator. With over 20 years as an EHS professional and 30 years working in Mexico’s manufacturing industries, Mr. Contreras is your EHS Certified expert and point person. From the beginning stages of site selection, through facility build out and then during regular operation, Mr. Contreras works directly with your company to assess your facility and manufacturing processes compliance needs. He will facilitate all permissions, authorizations and licenses required by the Mexican federal government, state and municipal authorities. While your manufacturing operation is up and running, Mr. Contreras works with your company assigned EHS Technician to establish and maintain best practices, required reporting and prepare for scheduled audits.

In his years of experience with dozens of manufacturers, Mr. Contreras notes that by having a dedicated EHS Technician a company can go from minimal to complete compliance and thereby eliminate the fines associated with non-compliance. Having an EHS coordinator is just another service CPI offers to ensure your success while manufacturing in Mexico!

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