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More than 200 people have been confirmed dead after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck near Mexico City, reducing buildings to rubble and sending thousands fleeing in panic. Bloomberg's Nacha Cattan reports on "Bloomberg Markets: European Open." (Source: Bloomberg)

Brentwood Medical Device Packaging Clean Room

Brentwood is proud to announce that it will open a medical manufacturing facility in Tijuana, Mexico, in early 2018. This second facility represents Brentwood's first strategic international expansion dedicated to custom thermoformed medical packaging.

As a major North American medical manufacturing hub, Tijuana continues to experience growth at a rapid pace.

Environment Compliance in Mexico

Environmental Compliance in Mexico

The modern world understands that environmental laws and regulations are in place to safeguard the environment, protect workers, and ensure manufactured products are safe for consumers. Just as in the United States and other major countries around the world, compliance with environmental health and safety laws is a big deal in Mexico. Each country has its own set of regulatory bodies, compliance best practices and, of course, fines for non-compliance.

If your company is considering expanding manufacturing operations into Mexico this can mean a steep learning curve in ensuring compliance and avoiding costly fines. To get an overview of what to expect, we’ve sat down with Ruben Reyna Contreras, EHS Coordinator for Co-Production International.

Nafta Negotiators Are Said to Tackle Labor

- U.S., Canada want Mexico to protect workers, pay higher wages

- Trump administration looking to require more regional content

Officials from the U.S., Canada and Mexico will start to tackle some of the tougher issues in the North American Free Trade Agreement as they discuss labor, dispute resolution and rules of origin for products at a negotiating session in Mexico City, according to two people familiar with the schedule.

Mexico's blossoming wine region

VALLE DE GUADALUPE (KGTV) -- 10News Anchor Kimberly Hunt paid a visit to the stunning Valle de Guadalupe to learn about the blossoming wine industry. It's the beautiful wine region less than two hours south of the U.S/Mexico border in San Diego.

Impact of Nafta withdraw

The United States is set to renegotiate Nafta, a treaty with Canada and Mexico that President Trump scorned during his campaign. He has also taken aim at China for what he insists are unfair trade practices.

But American manufacturers depend heavily on a global supply chain, especially from Mexico, Canada and China which leaves them vulnerable in a trade war.

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