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The entire California and Baja California is known as the “CaliBaja Mega Region” with the manufacturing hub of Tijuana boasting an over 50 year-old history in manufacturing activities.
At its inception, the draw for foreign manufacturers was its low-cost labor rates, today the manufacturing landscape is much different; Mexico has attracted global corporations from the manufacturing sector that go far beyond simple assembly. It is now common to find companies that design, develop and manufacture some of the most complex products in the marketplace for a variety of industries.

With over 35-years of combined experience CPI’s Management Team has successfully established over 200 companies in Baja California from a wide array of industries such as Electronics, Aerospace & Defense, Medical Device, Automotive and more.

aerospace industry manufacturing services mexico co productionAerospace
Aerospace Industry Mexico Leading Aerospace Manufacturer
The Aerospace Industry in Mexico has sustained a strong reputation for more than two decades to position itself as the Leading Aerospace Manufacturer and the ninth largest supplier of aerospace products to the US, China, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea. The State of Baja California has the largest concentration of aerospace companies, therefore a large aerospace supply chain.
automotive industry service provider manufacturing mexicoAutomotive
manufacturing Mexico Automotive Industry manufacturing
One of the big focuses of manufacturing in Mexico is the Automotive Industry. More than 1,1000 Tier 1 manufacturing companies have invested in setting up stamping, assembly and auto manufacturing plants in Mexico, positioning the country as the largest supplier of auto parts to the United States and an automotive global export platform.
cleantech manufacturing industry baja california mexicoCleantech
Mexico growing hotspot manufacturers clean technologies
Mexico is a growing hotspot for manufacturers of Clean Technologies and renewable energy products. From complete solar array systems and wind turbines, down to the CPV wafers, international manufacturers are flocking to Mexico to take advantage of the highly skilled workforce and favorable trade agreement.
medical device manufacturing services provider mexico baja californiaMedical
Baja California cost Medica Device Companies manufacture Mexico
The potential of Baja California's strategic location, cost efficiency, skilled labor force and other factors have brought some of the best known Medical Device Companies to manufacture in Mexico. These company's processes lay in assembling and manufacturing surgical instruments and parts for other medical products, most of them located in Tijuana and Mexicali.
Electronics manufacturing services mexico informationElectronics
electronics manufacturing industry mexico
Tijuana has carried the crown as the global hub for television manufacturing and continues to do so as plasma, LCD and LED technologies evolve. Approximately 19 million high-tech TVs produced annually in Baja California alone. But there’s more than TVs to get excited about when looking at manufacturing in Mexico.
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