Mexicali, BC

Mexicali is the State Capital of Baja California located in the northwest Mexico, bordering with California (Imperial Valley County) and Arizona (Yuma County) in the US. It is widely heralded as one of the best cities in which to live, work and conduct business.

The city benefits for a growing population and stable workforce base exceeding 1,000,000 people (2008) with an average annual growth rate of 3%, this results in low turnover, high productivity, no unions, contstant improvement.

Mexicali Strategic Advantages

  • Mexicali has easy access to the suppliers and customers in the United States through a wide network of highways and freeways
  • 13th largest city in Mexico
  • 130 foreign based companies
  • Education: 10 universities (State and Private awarded within the best in the country)
  • Business clusters oriented (aerospace, renewable energy, medical devices, automotive, electronics, among others)

Mexicali is rapidly becoming a location of choice for manufacturing, attracting major national and international companies like QCELLS, Goodrich Aerospace, Intuitive Surgical, DeACERO and Kellogg's among other global competitors.

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