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In today's dynamic manufacturing environment, companies have several attractive options to consider when expanding, relocating or simply starting a new manufacturing facility. The global economy is still healing from the economic downturn of the past years, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Mexico is poised, standing ready, willing and able to attract world class manufacturing to their shores.

Together we succeed by assisting you in ensuring your competitive advantage through one of the most cost effective labor markets in the world… Mexico!

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Influential factors that make Mexico a Near-shore top choice for manufacturing are low-cost, strategic location, quality and experience, industry expertise, improved speed to-market and better cultural alignment, just to name a few.

CPI offers two strategic locations to establish your Mexico Manufacturing Operation, The border State of Baja California and the interior states of Queretaro and Guanajuato.

Mexico's strategic locations are ideal for Several Other Reasons:

  • Companies can maintain "just-in-time" delivery to their consumers and distributors.
  • Reaction time to any production or operational issues on the factory floor can be resolved in hours, not days or weeks.
  • Maintaining greater operational control of the manufacturing base is less challenging because of its proximity to the corporate office.
  • Mexican manufacturing base provides companies with an opportunity to tap into the South American marketplace.

tijuana escudoTijuana, BC
Tijuana is one of Mexico's top industrial cities with a fast growing manufacturing activity. Located in the northwest corner of Mexico, on the Pacific Rim.
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tecate escudoTecate, BC
Tecate is a growing sector focused on electronics, medical device and plastics industries. Located East of Tijuana, Tecate is home to manufacturers Schlage Lock and the Tecate Brewery.
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Mexico’s workforce is extremely reliable with a low average turnover rate of 2.6% reported in 2011. Additionally, executives cite benefits of the closer cultural ties with the mostly bilingual workforce versus difficulties observed in offshore locations like those in the Asia-Pacific. The manufacturing industry in Tijuana represents 47% of the permanent private jobs in the city.

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Baja California is Mexico’s most western state located just south of California. The Tijuana/San Diego border region is one of the largest in the world for both tourism and commercial trade. With the enactment of NAFTA, Mexico has invested significantly in infrastructure improvements to maintain existing roads and transportation corridors, as well as invest in new infrastructure in order attract new commercial trade to the region.

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Security First in Mexico
Download our Tijuana, Mexico Security document in PDF format.
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mexico usa manufacturingThe U.S. and Mexico share common interests and are more likely to concur in best practices as they relate to Global Competitiveness

In a nutshell, the U.S. and Mexico cultural similarities will undoubtedly ensure the global competitiveness and economic prosperity of those companies willing to venture into new horizons.

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