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Co-Production International's Mexico Manufacturing Shelter Program is ideal for manufacturers who wish to enter Mexico without any legal or financial exposure. A team of experts manages and administrates your manufacturing operation under a Mexican corporation. Thanks to The Shelter Program, it is now advantageous for companies to start producing with relatively low start-up costs in shorter amounts of time.

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Our Independent Corporation Program is designed for manufacturers who prefer to establish their own mexican corporation and still benefit from Co-Production International's management and administrative expertise. This program allows for a gradual approach to managing your Mexico manufacturing plant.

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As experts in establishing and managing manufacturing facilities in Mexico, Co-Prodution International (CPI) can virtually guarantee the successful establishment and ongoing administrative functions of your facility allowing you to control and focus 100% on quality manufacturing. CPI's services are designed to ensure your facility is operating at peak performance with minimal costs and full compliance to Mexican laws and regulations.

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Establish your Mexico Manufacturing Operation

Your Mexico Manufacturing Operation

Influential factors that make Mexico a Near-shore top choice for manufacturing are low-cost, strategic location, quality and experience, industry expertise, improved speed to-market and better cultural alignment, just to name a few.

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ico flag usaUS Corporate Office
Phone: +1(619) 429-4344
8716 Sherwood Terrace
San Diego, CA 92154 USA

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Phone: +1(855) 480-0837
Blvd. Corredor Tijuana-Rosarito 2000
15202 Int. Mt8, Zona Cerril General
Tijuana, BC 22330, Mexico


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