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Aspen Medical Products Manufacturing Case Study

Aspen Medical Products Tijuana, Mexico Success!

Aspen Medical Products Case Study

Aspen Medical Products new medical device manufacturing facility is located in Tijuana’s new Vesta 3 Industrial Park. CPI was able to secure a favorable lease for Aspen, manage the tenant improvements construction process to bring the facility up to their specifications, and secure all the necessary permits.

Tijuana is just a two-hour drive south of the brace and motion restriction manufacturer headquarters in Irvine, California. With its proximity to U.S. metropolitan areas and transport routes, Tijuana is a nearshore manufacturing and processing center for U.S. companies, particularly in the medical device manufacturing.

Mexico Manufacturing: A Cost-Effective, Well-Established, and Mature Industry

Just south of San Diego, California, Tijuana has an over 30-year history in medical devices and is highly regarded as a major global hub for medical device manufacturing.  Boasting a 50,000 person-strong labor forece directly serving the 70 companies operating in the region, the medical device industry in Baja California represents the largest concentration of companies and of job creation in Mexico.  Mexico is also the fifth largest exporter of medical products in the world, with 50% of these exports coming out of Baja California.

"The Mexican labor force appears to be abundant and capable.  Being a finished goods contract manufacturer of medical devices, cost is a huge deal for us, as is proximity to the United States” - John Hamilton, VP of Strategic Initiatives and Special Projects

A Cost-Effective, Well-Established, and Mature Industry.

Getting Started Quickly and Efficiently

Entering Mexico a Manufacturing Shelter Company is the new best practice for expanding manufacturing operations outside of the United States. Manufacturers gain a strategic and cost effective advantage working with companies like us who handle the entire process of exploration, cost analysis and complete set-up of the new operation.

We offer the local knowledge, expertise and established network of partners. We worked with Aspen to coordinate their efforts to hire a successful team of professionals to manage the new facility,  transportation of production equipment and raw materials. 

"We considered a number of options, including the possibility of opening our own facility or utilizing a shelter company. We considered locations such as Mexicali, Ciudad Juarez, Rosarito, and Tijuana. We chose Tijuana for its proximity to our Irvine, California Headquarters, the quality of the workforce and the ability to work with CPI."

"Aspen Medical Products was very diligent in choosing a shelter services company, according to John Hamilton, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Special Projects. We did extensive research and felt that CPI was the best shelter services company for Aspen in Tijuana and by partnering with them, we were able to minimize our risk of operating in a new country."

Medical device manufacturer aspen opens Tijuana plant

Case Study: A conversation with John Hamilton VP of Strategic initiatives for Aspen Medical

Medical Device Company Aspen Expended Manufacturing Capacity to Tijuana, Mexico. CPI handled the complete set-up of the new manufacturing facility. Plant went online in September 2015.

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